Giving back to our society and legal community is an integral part of our culture and we have defined clear goals to support it.

Our pro-bono work

Individuals and non-profit organisations with real needs should not be denied quality legal assistance just because they cannot afford it. That is why our lawyers dedicate precious hours to our pro bono program which is a core part of Paksoy's company culture. It's our commitment to contribute the public good one case at a time.

“Insurance of Education: Our Teachers” Project

The project aims to provide female teachers working in rural regions of Turkey with support in the improvement of their professional and personal skills and entrepreneurial ability. Paksoy provided pro bono legal support in review, interpretation and execution of the agreements and protocols related to the project. The project, which the Ministry of National Education is also involved in, will be implemented by Turkish Education Association, Zurich Sigorta A.Ş. and Z Zurich Foundation. The project is expected to last for six years and to reach 1,000 female teachers.

Trainings Regarding Data Protection Legislation

Paksoy gives pro bono legal trainings on data protection legislation in co-operation with Istanbul Bilgi University’s Pro Bono Network. A large number of NGOs working for various public causes has attended the legal trainings to date.

Legal Counselling to No to Test Platform

Paksoy provides pro bono legal support to No to Test Platform, incorporated by Animal Rights and Ethics Association, Animal Rights Monitoring Committee, I Wish Another Life Association and independent supporters that work for the protection of animal rights, in relation to the rights to conscientious objection of college students in case of tests over animals during the course of education.

Legal Support to Save the Children Turkey

Paksoy provides pro bono legal support to Save the Children in Turkey, which is a global organization that lends a helping hand to children in need.

Yeniden Biz (Us Again)

This is a platform established to support women who stopped working due to various reasons and who wish to return to business life. Paksoy, as a corporate member, supports this platform in different ways for the deserving cause of regaining and increasing number of women in the business world.

Patili Bahçe

We love animals and believe that it is the responsibility of every single human to help and protect them. We support Patili Bahçe, an organization founded by animal lovers that provides the feeding, sheltering and protection of the street animals.

The future of law

We always seek to promote a brighter future for new graduates in the legal profession, which means doing our part to engage and groom future lawyers. At Paksoy we want to provide opportunities to 'rising stars' by offering scholarships to promising law students.