Paksoy’s story began in 1997 when our founding partner, Serdar Paksoy, saw a need in the Turkish legal market for a firm with international standards and vision. His passion for impeccable service standards, a deep understanding of the multi-jurisdictional aspects of complex legal transactions and an uncompromising commitment to delivering high quality local expertise has made us one of the best law firms in Turkey today.

The continuous search for exceptional lawyers throughout the years has brought us the distinctly qualified team Paksoy has now. The importance we place on selecting the right people with the shared vision and values of providing the best professional service to our clients helped us form a strong company culture.
Our team has grown much larger and stronger in time but our values and principles remain the same: that is to best serve our clients and defend their interest in their businesses. We trust that our team will continue to strive to be the best they can, as they have been for nearly 20 years, and to keep deserving the praise and loyalty they have earned from our peers and clients.

“We know that it is a great privilege to be the members of a leading law firm with exceptional clients; however, we are also aware that it is a huge responsibility for us to truly deserve this. We will continue to do all we can to maintain our vision for a successful practice to enable us to take even better care of our clients.”

Av. Serdar Paksoy
Founding and Senior Partner