• Understanding the clients’ business

    Our aim is to be our clients’ trusted advisors and adding value to their businesses, just as they add value to ours. The only way to realise this goal is by having a deep understanding of the business of each and every client we have. We know every business’ needs are unique and therefore a unique understanding is what we offer.
  • Uncompromising quality and integrity

    We are known in the industry for our quality of service and integrity in carrying out our work. To preserve this standard, we place high importance on accepting no compromise when it comes to service quality, integrity, responsiveness, unrivalled expertise and first-rate, result-oriented advice.
  • Multidisciplinary practice

    We have built and continue to build each and every day a legal practice that encompasses a wide range of our clients’ endeavours: from traditional fields of law to tax aspects, corporate governance, global and domestic compliance issues to white-collar crime, and many more.
  • Continuous improvement

    Being one of the best means constantly investing in your talents, capabilities, and resources. We know the only way to stay on top is to continually strive forward and that is what we will continue to do to build and maintain a powerful corporate, finance and litigation practice and achieve long-lasting success.
  • Taking care of our people

    Respecting and investing in our people is always our top priority. Because our team is what makes us outstanding and they are the ones who make it possible to give outstanding service to our clients. The potential of a successful lawyer emerges when they have professional and personal fulfilment – so we provide the ideal environment.
  • Dedication to open dialogue

    Our team members’ career advancement and professional journey is just as important as the advancement of Paksoy. Therefore our pledge is to always have an open dialogue, direct interaction and honest conversation with our people. Without transparency and respect there is no success.